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Pipe Lining and Repairs

As part of our ongoing improvement programme to provide a comprehensive and professional service, we are able to offer CIPP cold cure lining to suitably defective pipework, we can also carry out patch repairs for localised faults Ground movement, root ingress, vehicle movement and water penetration are just some of the reasons that can cause drains to crack and joints open, in the past the only solution has been to locate the effected area, excavate and then to repair the exposed drain. This can be extremely time consuming and expensive. A much quicker, efficient and cost effective solution is to install a drain lining.

The lining is impregnated with a resin which is then be inserted into the drain, once in place the lining is inverted using steam, water or air depending on application and left to cure.

Curing time is dependant on variables including drain size, resin used and ambient temperature although in most cases a new lining can be installed and cured on the same day.

Where a new full lining is not necessary patch lining can be used to repair localised isolated damage to reduce the risk of further/future damage therefore providing a cost effective alternative to a full lining or other repair.

  • Minimum disruption above ground

  • Detailed planning of the works

  • Time efficient

  • Cost effective