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Planned preventative maintenance

Not all problems can be avoided, but by having a well planned and comprehensive preventative maintenance contract you can help to reduce the risk to your business and your property from unnecessary damage and disruption. We can program our maintenance teams to visit site and carry out all necessary works involved in maintaining your drainage system whether it be preventative or reactive.

A CCTV inspection will locate and identify any defects such as cracks, displaced joints, accumulated deposits of debris and root ingress within a drainage system quickly and efficiently. High pressure jetting can be carried out as a fast cost effective system for cleaning drains and sewers, for removing accumulated deposits of debris, for clearing blockages and cutting roots. This can provide the basis for accurate records to be kept and help with the planning of any future preventative maintenance programmes.

Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts are tailored to suit individual clients needs and can if necessary be programmed to include out of normal hours working.